French Bulldog Puppy Owner’s Checklist

The puppies have to be at least 8 weeks old before they can leave. By that time they have been weaned from their mom and are eating solid food on their own.

A puppy requires a lot of care and attention, so it is a good idea to plan ahead and buy the things you’ll need before you bring him or her home.

Here’s a checklist of some basics to get you started:
• Food designed specifically for puppies
• Treats for training
• Food and water dishes
• Crate (to be replaced by a bigger one as he grows)

• Crate bedding (at least 2 sets)
• Puppy house-training wee-wee pads
• Dog gate(s)

• Soft, adjustable collar (and new ones as he grows)

• At least one 4-to-6-foot leash, leather or webbed (an additional longer lead useful for training)
• At least 5 or 6 safe chew toys (the more the better — toys can be rotated)
• A brush the breeder recommends for your puppy’s coat and sturdy metal comb
• Gentle puppy shampoo
• Good-quality dog nail trimmer or Dremel made specifically for dogs

French Bulldog Frenchie for Sale

French Bulldogs in Alabama Make Great Companions

Frenchies are calm but sociable. French bulldogs are excellent with children and make great family pets and companions. They are typically polite with everyone, including other pets. Frenchies love to play games and chase balls. They are a quiet breed, and do not bark excessively, except to announce visitors. They average 18 to 24 pounds, so are small enough to fit into most living situations. They require minimal exercise, but do need short daily walks. French bulldogs are intelligent and easy to train. We are dedicated to raising happy, healthy, and well socialized family companions.

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